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First Five Pages — Tips And Techniques

Some great tips! Come check out what author Joanne Wadsworth has to say on her blog!

Joanne Wadsworth

Random picture alert! Well, kinda.

cat not amused

Do you feel the cat’s conflict? The little mouse on his ear, I’m sure, went flying one second after this photo was taken. Anyway, keep reading, and check out exactly how we as writers, can create tension and conflict in our first five pages, thereby drawing the reader in. (Sorry about the “thereby.” I’m writing historical romance at the moment, and you might find the odd “aged” word appearing within the passages below.) *chuckles* 

Greetings my fellow writersHey everyone,

As writers we sometimes struggle with how our story should begin. We want to craft our first few pages in a way that draws the reader in. The last thing we want is for them to set our book down, to forget it, or to never pick it up again. So here, I’ve compiled a list of techniques to aid the writer in crafting a strong first five…

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How to Edit out Crap from your Manuscript

Who else finds editing a pain? I know I do! Specially with my own work! But these are some great tips and tricks! Brought to you by NovelGirl!