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Losing Hope By Colleen Hoover: 5 Out Of 5 Stars!

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Time for the second review I promised you all! Colleen Hoover is an amazing author, this we already knew. So it’s no surprise that her book, “Losing Hope” would instantly earn a 5 out of 5 stars!

For those of you who have read “Hopeless”, this is the same story, just from the character, Dean Holder’s, point of view. Could the story possibly get better when simply switching from Hope’s point of view to Holder’s? Some say no… because Hope (also known as Sky) does a pretty darn good job at letting the readers into her mind and her heart. What do I say? The story went from amazing, to godly!

Having Holder’s point of view in “Losing Hope” gave the story so much more… i guess the word I’m looking for is “feeling” to it! We learn so much more about what Holder went through when he first recognized Hope, to the inner struggle and torment that he went through when dealing with the truth for himself.

“In order to miss someone, that means you were privileged enough to have them in your life to begin with.”

I have to say, a big part of what amazed me with this book was how Colleen was able to take an emotional story from a girl’s point of view, and transfer it to a boy’s point of view, and still keep him as a lovable masculine figure. A lot of writers get ragged on for trying to write males to show that they have emotions and feel pain, just as girls do. We lose no respect for Holder, even though he shows his weaknesses, and he lets the readers know that he is upset, he is emotional. And you know what? We love him even more for it.

So I have to say, Colleen, you’ve more than earned a solid 5 out of 5, no like an 8 out of 5 for giving us Holder’s story! For those of you looking for a last-minute gift for the reader in your family, use your “one-click” and get this book! Colleen, keep up the good writing, and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!


Long After By Cheryl McIntyre: 4 Out Of 5 Stars!

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Hello readers! I’ve promised you all a couple of book reviews, and guess what! It’s time I deliver! I’ve got two reviews for you this week, and they are two great books by two of my favorite authors of all time!

I’m starting off with Cheryl McIntyre‘s book, “Long After”.  Let me tell you, this book is a solid 4 out of 5! This time around, Cheryl gives us a story from the point of views of Annie Phillips and Chase Malloy, two characters from her original story, “Sometimes Never”.

“I’ll never understand how things come so easy to the people that seem to never try.”

This story takes place after Mason and Hope’s little love story. This time around we have Annie and Chase with stars in their eyes and… Shall we call it love, on the brain. Of course neither of them want to admit that there is something between them, and to make matters worse, the two are smack dab in the middle of their freshmen year of college.

We all know how feelings for someone can cause ripples in a friendship, and then lets tack on the complications of the world of college? Everything is new, everything is complicated… Nothing is easy. Then again, nothing in life does.

Now we all know, I refuse to spoil books for my readers, so I’ll leave you with this: Chase and Annie go through one heck of a little journey throughout this book. And of course Cheryl does an amazing job at giving you both of their points of view throughout the novel’s entirety. So why a 4 out of 5? It moved a little slow for my liking, and I guess I expected a little something more because of high expectations after reading “Sometimes Never” and “Blackbird”.

Do I recommend this book? Of course I do! I highly recommend adding it to your last-minute shopping list for the holidays! You’ve still got two days left of shopping till Christmas after all!

Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto Cover Reveal Event!

Being Kalli.v2.2.1Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto
Publication date: TBA
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

There are two things you should know about Kalli Perkins.

1. She’d rather do it in public than be alone with a guy.

2. She loves her little brothers more than her mom does.

Kalli doesn’t pretend to be a good girl. At nineteen, she’s never been in love and doesn’t ever intend to be. She has her issues handled. She’s managed to keep the secret of what happened to her nine years ago from her mother, although her mother’s usually high anyway and barely notices Kalli or her little brothers.

One night at a party, Kalli makes a bet with her friend, Nate, that could change everything. Their friend, Scout, tells them there’s no uncrossing the friendship line once it’s crossed—even though they were both drunk. But Kalli can’t imagine how anyone could want her damaged self for anything more.

She didn’t count on Nate. Nate’s very capable of satisfying her not only under her clothes, but in her heart, too.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

VLUU L100  / Samsung L100AUTHOR BIO
Rebecca Berto is a new adult contemporary romance author. She is also a freelance editor.

She writes stories that are a bit sexy, and straddle the line between Literary and Tear Your Heart Out. She gets a thrill when her readers are emotional reading her stories, and gets even more of a kick when they tell her so. She’s strangely imaginative, spends too much time on her computer, and is certifiably crazy when she works on her fiction.

Rebecca Berto lives in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and their doggy.

Author Links:
You think that’s all I have? Think again readers! You know how big a fan of Rebecca’s work I am, so of course I had to include a teaser for you, courtesy of the cover reveal event, put together by Xpresso Book Tours!
BEING KALLI quote - 4640356465_9c850c43c6_b (1)

4 out of 5 stars for “Blackbird” by Cheryl McIntyre

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Photo Credit: Goodreads

“Do you still love me?” he whispers into my lips.

“Yes,” I moan.

“Then it’s never too late.”

“Blackbird” is the novella that takes place during the final chapter of McIntyre’s novel, “Sometimes Never” and the Epilog. In this novella, readers finally get to see what happens between Hope and Mason once Hope turns 18, they both graduate high school and through the start of college.

What’s my take on this short little novella? Honestly, it was much too short… I found myself feeling as if I was being rushed through the entire story! That being said, I NEED to say that I absolutely fell in love with this book, just as I did with “Sometimes Never.” Even though I felt rushed through each scene, I still felt like I was right there in the middle of it all!

Cheryl, once again, does an amazing job of putting readers right into the shoes of both Hope and Mason, which can sometimes be a difficult thing to do when writing from two character’s point of view. Cheryl makes it look like a piece of cake!

Hope is still a symbol throughout the novella as we watch her face her demons head on and as we watch her struggle through some of the toughest moments of her life. The same can be said of Mason and of his struggles to see if he’s made the right choices.

Many people like to mock the idea of young love, that it isn’t real and/or it’s just a result of the ever present teenage hormones rampaging through young bodies. In this novella, Cheryl proves that young love can be true love, and that it can survive some of life’s toughest situations. Yes, these feelings are new and intense, but it can be lasting and it can be true.

Overall, even though I felt a little unsatisfied with the way the story flew through some important events, I still say that Cheryl McIntyre has earned a solid 4 out of 5 stars for this work! It fills in many of the gaps and makes us fall even more in love with the Hope/Mason team. Cheryl, another great piece of work, and I am looking forward to more of your work!


5 out of 5 Stars for Rebecca Berto’s Drowning in You (Finding Forever in Us #1)!!!

Oh, and in case you’re curious, love is nose to nose, cheek to cheek, two fingers to two fingers. And love is now the one thing I can’ step away from.

DrowningInYou AMAZON

Now, I know most of you checked out the “Drowning in You” cover reveal back in February, but for those of you who haven’t, here is a breif book description for you!

Secretly crushing

Crushed by a tragedy

Charlee May’s been crushing on Dexter Hollingworth since she was fifteen. Five years later, a horrific skiing disaster at Mason’s Ski Lift Resort leaves her millionaire dad critically injured and her mom dead at the hands of Dexter operating the lifts. Charlee is suddenly the sole caretaker for her little brother while their world falls apart.

Dexter couldn’t be more different from Charlee. He’s tattooed, avoids exclusive relationships and his Dad has a fair share of illegal dealings. With Dexter’s reputation, almost everyone believes he planned the Mason’s skiing disaster.

And after all these years he’s still crushing on Charlee May, the girl who’s too good for him.

When this cruel twist of fate ties Charlee’s family and Dexter’s reputation together, Charlee and Dexter wonder if their feelings are reciprocated, while Dexter discovers his dad is trying to steal the May’s millionaire fortune.

But like an addiction, one look, one touch, one taste—they’re hooked no matter the consequences.

Now that everyone has a little background, let me just say this…. OH MY GOD! I had some expectations with this book considering Rebecca’s last novel, while I enjoyed it, still had room for improvement. With “Drowning in You,” Rebecca absolutely blew me out of the water! I’m talking mind blown and left wanting more! Yes, there are a few places I could see a change or two, or maybe a different road that should have been taken, but you know what, the overall story and the characters just make it all worth while.

I just – I just want to be ten again rather then twenty and not haing to act like I’m in control and – oh, how I hate the “R” word – responsible.

Rebecca, once again, was able to make a heart wrenching story into one that leaves readers wanting more. Charlee May and Dexter Hollingworth both have to struggle through different, and yet very similar life changing situations (considering the two events are intertwined with each other), and at such young ages (20 & 21) I couldn’t even imagine what they had to go through, and yet, I felt like I was in their shoes as I was reading. Yes, I know that last sentence contradicts itself, and I don’t care, because its true. Rebecca was, once again, able to put her readers into the shoes of her characters, and that right there is a sign of a true writer in my opinion.

I only regret not being able to read it when I first purchased it! Once I had the time to sit and read, it took me a total of 2 days to finish, it was that good, I just couldn’t put it down! Rebecca, this is a shout out to you, never doubt your abilities as a writer! Just from the time between “Precise” and “Drowning in You,” your writing and story telling abilities have grown so much! Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to dive right into your next piece of work!

VLUU L100  / Samsung L100To find and connect with this talented author, visit one of her many social media platforms!

Twitter: @rebeccaberto

Wide Awake by Shelly Crane Promotional Event!

He smiled that Mason smile that set me on fire all over. Then he put one hand on the other side on the hospital bed and the other lifted toward my face. I waited, bated breath, gulping, sweaty palms, fluttering eyes, the works. His face got so close before he stopped. I thought he had decided against whatever he was doing he waited so long. I began to pull back in disappointment, but he reached behind my neck gently and pulled me to him. The barest of touches was the best way to describe our first kiss. It wasn’t really a kiss at all. His bottom lip barely brushed my top one. When he leaned back and opened his eyes, he must’ve seen the confusion and frustration in my face.

He chuckled. “I just had to taste that coconut…” he licked his lips, “but I don’t want to kiss you when you’ve been angry at me and I messed up our date.” He said ‘date’. Like…a date. “I want to kiss you when if we go another second without it, one of us will combust.”

My breaths were raging. I tried to calm myself. “I…” I failed.

“I want to give you back your first kiss, the one that jerk stole from you. And I want it to be something that even a coma can’t make you forget.”

Wide Awake CoverTitle: Wide Awake

Author: Shelly Crane

Release date: March 23, 2013

Genre: Contemporary

Age Group: Young Adult

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Links to the book:

Goodreads –

Amazon –

B&N –

Smashwords –

Book Description:

A girl.
A coma.
A life she can’t remember.

When Emma Walker wakes up in the hospital with no knowledge of how she got there, she learns that she’s been in a coma for six months. Strangers show up and claim to be her parents, but she can’t remember them. She can’t remember anyone. Not her friends, not even her boyfriend. Even though she can’t remember, everyone wants her to just pick up where she left off, but what she learns about the ‘old her’ makes her start to wish she’d never woken up. Her boyfriend breaks up with the new girl he’s dating to be with her, her parents want her to start planning for college, her friends want their leader back, and her physical therapist with the hazel eyes keeps his distance to save his position at the hospital.

Will she ever feel like she recognizes the girl in the mirror?

Wide AwakeAbout the Author

YA author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay at home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. They currently reside in everywhere USA as they happily travel all over with her husband’s job. She loves to spend time with her family, binge on candy corn, go out to eat at new restaurants, buy paperbacks at little bookstores, site see in the new areas they travel to, listen to music everywhere and also LOVES to read.
Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the writing and imagination process. She doesn’t go anywhere without her notepad for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born.

Author social media links:!/AuthShellyCrane

A Special Excerpt!

He smiled that Mason smile that set me on fire all over. Then he put one hand on the other side on the hospital bed and the other lifted toward my face. I waited, bated breath, gulping, sweaty palms, fluttering eyes, the works. His face got so close before he stopped. I thought he had decided against whatever he was doing he waited so long. I began to pull back in disappointment, but he reached behind my neck gently and pulled me to him. The barest of touches was the best way to describe our first kiss. It wasn’t really a kiss at all. His bottom lip barely brushed my top one. When he leaned back and opened his eyes, he must’ve seen the confusion and frustration in my face.

         He chuckled. “I just had to taste that coconut…” he licked his lips, “but I don’t want to kiss you when you’ve been angry at me and I messed up our date.” He said ‘date’. Like…a date. “I want to kiss you when if we go another second without it, one of us will combust.”

          My breaths were raging. I tried to calm myself. “I…” I failed.

            “I want to give you back your first kiss, the one that jerk stole from you. And I want it to be something that even a coma can’t make you forget.”

AToMR Tours

“Date Me” by Jillian Dodd Blog Tour Event!

DateMe BNAuthor: Jillian Dodd

Title: Date Me (Keatyn Chronicles, #3)

Release date(s):

DATE ME is anticipated to release April 9, 2013

Age Group: Mature YA

Genre: Romance

DATE ME link:


Book description for Date Me (Keatyn Chronicles, #3):

I’m not scripting my life anymore.

I’m living it.

I’m done with the God of all Hotties.

I’m going to give my heart to the boy who I think deserves it.

The boy whose kisses are hotter than molten lava.

The boy who offered me the key to his heart.

The boy who asked me to Homecoming in a big, sexy way.

There are so many things to look forward to.

Parties at the Cave. Homecoming festivities. Drama Tryouts. Shopping trips to NY.

But things aren’t always as perfect as they seem.

I find out that my best friend has been keeping a secret from me.

Not that I can blame him.

I have secrets too.

But, for now, I’m going to pretend I’m just a normal girl.

I’m going to pretend he’s not still out there.

I’m going to pretend he’s not getting desperate.

I’m going to pretend I’ll never see him again.

But, I will.

And this time, I might not get away.


So as if this series wasn’t already exciting as is, Jillian does a great job on her third installment of the Keatyn Chronicles! We see our little Keatyn do a lot of growing up in this book, and its endearing to see how much she is learning about herself throughout not only this book, but the series as a whole! What would I rate this book? 4.5 our of 5 stars! Why? While I LOVED the story as a whole, I felt that there were spots that both lacked in excitement (as in it was a little too slow for my liking) and a few places where I felt that Jillian could have pushed both herself and the story just a little more. Book #3 was still, by far, the best of the series!  Do I recommend it? Oh you know I do! I can’t wait to see where Keatyn goes from this point, and boy… if you think you’ve seen the best from little Keatyn, you are sadly mistaken! Make sure to check it out! Defiantly a must read! I honestly can’t say much more without spoiling the whole story for everyone else… so just take my advice, pick this one up and get lost in it!

author pic 3x4About the Author

Jillian is the author of the That Boy series and The Keatyn Chronicles. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She lives in Texas with her family.


Social Media links:




facebook fan page


amazon author page

Keatyn Chronicles fan page

Keatyn Chronicles on Twitter

Keatyn Chronicles facebook discussion group

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The Samantha Project (Book 1, The Samantha Project series) by Stephanie Karpinske Review and Giveaway Event!

Samantha ProjectTitle: The Samantha Project (Book 1, The Samantha Project series)

Author: Stephanie Karpinske

Release date: November 15, 2012

Genre: science fiction romance thriller

Age Group: YA

Publisher: Crazy Dream Publishing, LLC

Seventeen-year-old Samantha Andrews has a seemingly perfect life; great parents, early admission to Stanford, and a boyfriend who just happens to be the hottest guy in school. But a dark secret from her past turns her world upside down. Sam discovers she’s part of a global corporation’s genetic enhancement project. And just as she’s learning what these enhanced genes can do, the corporation decides they want her, and the technology inside her, back!

During a heart-pounding race to flee from her pursuers, she encounters another person who was part of the experimental project. He’s tall, blond, tan and completely irresistible! And he can read her thoughts!! Together, they’re both in danger and a rogue scientist discovers yet another secret lies inside them.

So I know it’s been a little while sense my last review, but I have to say! I’ve been crazy busy, reading a few pretty great books, this one included! What do I rate this book? A solid 3 ½ out of 5 stars. Now, some might see this rating as poor or even mediocre, but don’t make that mistake with me! I took a huge leap of faith with this book and went completely outside my comfort zone. Science fiction romance is defiantly not my type of book, but I have to say, Stephanie Karpinske did a great job with this one!

The story starts off with a rather bland, average “perfect” girl. She’s pretty, smart, laid back, and has great friends and an amazing relationship with her parents. Would I have started a story like that? No, not really, but Karpinske starts throwing in some major curve balls to readers really fast! With one major even after another, readers get lost in all the events that go down. If you want a summary, just reread the above! Because it was a little out of my comfort zone, the story did progress a little slow in the beginning for me, and that was the main reason for the docked points. It was hard to get into, but once the action really picked up, the ball really got rolling! For something I thought I wouldn’t be into, this was truly one heck of a read!

Now for the even bigger news! This blog is taking part in a giveaway event for this book! You must get your entries in by the 6th of March and the easiest way is to like us on facebook so we can contact you if you do win! The copy of the book will either be a mobi or epub format, and if you do win I’ll need your email so we can send you your winnings!

Check out the facebook page for more information here: The Samantha Project Giveaway Event

About the Author

A former editor for a publishing company, Stephanie has worked on several bestselling nonfiction books. Now she freelances full-time, writing for a variety of books and national magazines. She recently entered into the world of fiction with her young adult series, The Samantha Project.

In addition to being a writer, Stephanie is also a dietitian with a MS from Tufts University and an MBA from the University of Iowa. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, cooking, running, or watching movies. A true Midwest girl, Stephanie was raised in Nebraska and now lives in Iowa.


Links to the book:




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“Sometimes Never” by Cheryl McIntyre

“This is the part I hate the most. That moment it sinks in that I’ve sliced myself open. When the rush and release are over and I’m left with the knowledge of just how fucked up I am.”

“Sometimes Never,” written by Cheryl McIntyre, is one of those stories that I instantly fell in love with because it isn’t afraid to “go there.” My faithful readers know that I can’t resist a good novel, and author that approaches the taboo topics of today’s day and age. Cheryl has done just that! She is able to take two seriously “messed up” kids and turn them into an inspiration!

This book is an outstanding 5 out of 5! Beautifully written, and very relatable to many late teens and young adults. With topics such as self harm and the lose of a parent in a time when most teens need them the most, the stories of Mason and Hope are both very twisted and very heartbreaking, but again, both inspiring. Mason falls in love with the girl with the rainbow hair and bad ass attitude, and Hope finally feels as if she’s found a guy that she can trust with her dark and “fucked up” secrets.

Readers watch as Mason struggles to help Hope with her battle against low self esteem and the resulting self harm, and at the same time, we see Hope struggle with her self proclaimed addiction to self harm and of course with allowing herself to open up to someone besides her best friend and cousin Guy. What makes this story so different from the other stories that people toss away and label “emo”? This story doesn’t drag out the issues at hand. Yes, readers find out what each of the characters are struggling with, and how, but it isn’t dragged out and over embellished. The characters don’t act the way they do simply because they want the attention, but because they are struggling with themselves and Cheryl does an amazing job with opening these two characters to her audience

We want to get to know Mason and Hope, we want the loving, passionate and supporting relationship that they have, we want to find the strength to fight through out own struggles as we watch them do.

“I never thought I could love someone so much, but sometimes never is a distorted perception, because I continuously find myself falling deeper in love with her every day.”

Cheryl McIntyre does a phenomenal job at creating a work that represents what is a reality to many young adults in today’s day and age. She also does an amazing job at providing a sense of hope to her readers through the use of her characters. Even her side characters represent someone, as in someone will relate to them. This isn’t a story for a certain clique, no, it’s a story that many can and will relate to, and I hope people will fall just as in love with this book as I have!

Cheryl, you did an amazing job! I am looking forward to reading more of your work!

Someone to Love by Addison Moore

“I’ve always thought o love as a very sharp knife that held the promise of exquisite pain, never one that satisfied, never a theory you could nestle in, warm and safe, forever. Love was a dangerous terrain”

I know I’ve promised my readers another book review, and guess what! I have another book for you all! This time around it’s the book “Someone to Love” by Addison Moore. According to, this book was published on December 20, 2012 as a New Adult – Contemporary Romance novel with it’s fair share of ‘mature’ content.

In this rather interesting little read we meet two characters Kendal and Cruise; both of who are strong believers that love at first site and true love are only for fairytales. Both of our characters are in the latter parts of their college careers and not expecting much, let alone to find each other absolutely irresistible. They met by accident, and it was the best accident of both of their lives.

So what do I think of this story? I give it a 3 out of 5 because while I enjoyed the story, it ended much too soon. It felt a little rushed at some points, but it was still beautifully written. I couldn’t help but wish I was Kendal sometimes because this boy wanted the very best for her, and vise versa. The romance between the two felt so real, I sometimes felt myself a little jealous!

With all the good, there are still a few things that could be improved on. The story was a little too focused on the two main characters, and I felt like the supporting characters needed to be brought into it a little more. The girls that Kendal befriends seem like they are more important to the story than they are in actuality. Even Cruise’s male companions could have played a little more of an important role instead of just being a side note.

While yes, I did knock a few points because of how rushed I felt the story seemed to be, I was still very satisfied as a reader! I still believe the writing was beautiful, I could picture almost everything, like I was right there in the midst of it all! Moore creates a wonderful story, one that many readers will absolutely fall in love with!