Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing

I know that we’ve been a little dead here after I had my college graduation, but fear not! I’m still around looking for helpful writing tips! Now here is a good list by the late Elmore Leonard provided by Lauren McKellar at laurenswrittenword

Lauren K. McKellar

Sadly, writing great Elmore Leonard passed away today at the age of 87. With 45 novels under his belt (and a 46th in the works) he sadly suffered from a stroke August 5 and passed away Tuesday August 20, at 7:15am (America).

Many of his novels were turned into movies, with hits such as Hombre, Get Shorty and Jackie Brown all taken from his works.

Another thing Elmore Leonard is famous for leaving us with are his 10 Rules of Writing. These are a set of somewhat controversial tips Leonard detailed in his book 10 Rules of Writing. Me, personally? I think there’s some serious gold in there, as well as a few items you can take with a grain of salt. However, I’ll let you decide for yourself which ones you think are useful. Here they are, as taken from The Guardian:

1. Never open your story with the…

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