On Writing: Scrivener vs yWriter


Scrivener (software)

Scrivener (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A good day (or evening) too all my readers out there! I know I have been very M.I.A. over the past week or so, and for that I apologize. After finally graduating from my university and moving back home, it took a lot of work trying to adjust to the back at home life and the job search and what not. So I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to my blog, reading, or reviewing! Though fear not! I have gotten back on my game, and am currently in the process of reading a few different books for review!


Sense I’ve been spending a lot of time on my laptop with my ever continuing job search process, I decided that I might as well really start writing my novel that I’ve had in planning for the past few months. About a week or so ago, I decided to download the free writing software, yWriter. I heard it was the best to use if you were writing on a Windows PC (which I am). Well after getting really bored with the simplicity of the program (it didn’t offer as much as I was hoping), I finally (as of today) downloaded the free 30 day trial of Scrivener for Windows.

Now, I have never been the type of writer that could just sit down and write out a story from start to finish. It’s just impossible. I am a very scratchy writer, with bits and pieces in about a billion different places. I’ve heard raving reviews about both of these programs, so of course I’m a little torn about which one to go with. While I like free, I do like some of the features that the paid program provides. Decisions, decisions.

So this is my question to you all, for those of you who have had experience with these programs, which would you recommend? I would really like to see what others have to say about them before I decide if I am going to go with the paid or free software! Leave your comments and I will forever be thankful!



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8 responses to “On Writing: Scrivener vs yWriter

  • Daniel Budiarto

    Too bad you’re not using a Mac. I use Evernote for research and web clippings; iA Writer to write short and quick notes, as well as long pieces without distractions (the focus mode is great); and OmmWriter to write creative pieces distraction-free. I believe OmmWriter is available for the PC, as well.

    I’ve read good things about Scrivener, especially for long works such as a novel— but I have yet to try it out. Apparently you get $20 off if you win NaNoWriMo. But it’s more than I can afford right now, unfortunately.

    • casyb360

      I have never heard of iA Writer or OmmWriter before! I do use Evernote for my research and what not still because I have it loaded on my computer, Kindle, and phone! It gets very handy! I don’t have the money for Scrivener just yet, and I did hear you with a half off coupon for winning NaNoWriMo (I have a friend who participates yearly and who has won).

      These are all things to consider! I appreciate your comments!

  • strugglingwriter

    I have tried writing with Scrivener, but all the bells and whistles are too distracting to me. I get caught up in all the extra stuff and wind up not writing.

    I’m best with just Google Docs. That’s just me, though.

    • casyb360

      See, fr the longest time I was just using Evernote or MS Word for my writing… but it became too much trying to keep together all my little bits and pieces. I do have a friend that writes solely in Word then stores in Scrivener.

      Thank you for your opinions! I haven’t considered using Google Docs… Something to consider!

      • strugglingwriter

        Google Docs allows me to work on the same document from home and at work, without having to use a usb drive. That’s the biggest benefit to me.

      • casyb360

        That’s one of the reasons I use Evernote for my notes and random bits and pieces! Though I can’t use it for working on my actual work anymore… But it was useful because I had the program on my phone, personal computer and my Kindle Fire!

        I’ll defiantly look into Google Docs though! It could prove useful!

  • roninliteratii

    Scrivener. Scrivener. Scrivener. I’ve been using this program for a few years and it has never let me down. You use the features you want. It’s designed to work with you and not the other way around. Plus, there’s a great support community in case you have questions.

    • Cassie Boss

      I recently just purchased the Windows version of Scrivener because it’s been the best of the programs I’ve tried so far! Seems a little difficult to get started with considering most of the features are on the MAC version, unless I just haven’t explored the program enough yet, which could defiantly be true.

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