Blogging from A to Z: Day 24 – Xenophobia

Hey readers! So after my wonderful phone post yesterday…. I decided to borrow a computer to make today’s post in order to avoid the horrible misspellings… So anyways, today’s post is still going to be short because my friend needs their computer back for final exam work… But with today being the 24th day of the challenge, we have one heck of a letter…. the letter “X.” So I decided to pick an interesting word, Xenophobia.

So what is Xenophobia? Well simply put, its a fear of foreigners…. or of people who are different then you. Now I’m sure you all would love to know why I picked this topic for a literary blog…. Well, the answer is quiet simple, because it’s my blog and I can! Okay, so I really do have a reason. As a final class meeting this past week it actually came up in discussion. We were talking about xenophobia in writing, as in a lack of multiculturalism in today’s contemporary literature.

So what have you all seen in the world of literature as far as this term? Where in literature do you see it fitting in? My class discussion all involved multicultural literature, but I’ve also heard of it possibly being used in the paranormal genres. Comment and share! I would love to get some incite on this!


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One response to “Blogging from A to Z: Day 24 – Xenophobia

  • spookymrsgreen

    Hello, and thanks for the link mention! Well, as you can see from my post, I discovered Xenophobia in paranormal literature. It first came to my attention during a study of ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker. The author represented traditional British insecurities at the time he wrote the story, such as a fear of foreigners plundering our country and taking away our women! Quite intriguing really…

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