Blogging from A to Z: Day 20 – Taboo

Today is day 20!! And that brings us to the letter “T” and I’ve chosen the word Taboo for today’s discussion term. I absolutely love discussing taboos in the world of literature and those who include them in their stories. These are the stories that really captivate me because the authors aren’t afraid to really “go there.”

Taboos are topics that are generally undiscussed by the public, though are often understood without having to be discussed. There have been quiet a few stories that I’ve read the past few month that have involved taboo topics. Some of my favorites have been “Sometimes Never” by Cheryl MyIntyre and “Percise” by Rebecca Berto. They both take sensitive and “taboo” topics, such as self harm and broken mother-daughter relationships, and create stories so captivating that you can feel the emotions as if you were in the character’s shoes.

Novel such a these involve stories that really have a way of approaching topics that many don’t want to discuss, and yet they go about it in a way that is sensitive to the matter, and yet is very truthful. I know I’ve mentioned these topics many times before, but I will stand by them because the have inspired me to push my own limits in my writing.

So my question to you all is this, what stories have you written and or read contain taboo subjects? Are they inspiring? Are they unnecessary? What do you all think of including taboo topics in the world of literature? Comment and share! I’d love to here what you all have to say on the topic!

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“Sometimes Never” by Cheryl MyIntyre

“Percise” by Rebecca Berto

Precise (Photo credit:

Precise (Photo credit:


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