Blogging from A to Z: Day 14 – Narrator

Hello readers! I do hope you are all enjoying your Tuesdays! I’m warning everyone today, my schedule is getting crazy busy considering this is my last 2 weeks of the semester before I have my final exams and my graduation ceremony from my university!  Ah! I can’t wait, and yet I’m nervous for everything! So this is my little heads up that some of my posts may be getting shorter then normal with lack of time and with lack of my computer still… I hadn’t connected the fact that this event took place in my final month of school… So now that I look back, I should have planned my posts a little better, huh? I’d like to thank you all for understanding, you are all so great!

Anyways! Today is day 14, which has brought us to the letter “N,” and my chosen word for the day is “Narrator.” With my writing, I find it difficult to balance the ideas of the narrator and point of view. I don’t know why, it is just an area that tends to bug me. Trying to combine what is right for a story can be really difficult sometimes, and I find myself asking the question, where do I even begin? To me, narration is really important, and some of my favorite stories are the ones where the narrator is the main character of the story. I just love having them tell me their story. That being said, I find it more difficult to follow a story where the narrator is someone that isn’t very involved in the story, they are just a viewer recalling what they have witnessed to an audience. I don’t know why that is such a turn off for me… but it is.

My question for you all is this: what is your opinion of narrators/narration? It may seem like a simple question… But I’m very interested to see where others stand on this topic considering it can be approached in a number of different ways. So please! Comment and share!


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Cassie Boss is a freelance writer with a passion for both reading and writing. When she isn’t hidden away enjoying a good book, she specializes in writing about celebrities and the entertainment world. In addition to writing for The Inquisitr, her work has also been featured on The Richest. When she isn’t working, Cassie enjoys not only a good book, but also working on her own fiction writing, watching too much television and snuggling with her puppies. View all posts by Cassie Boss

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