Blogging from A to Z: Day 13 – Manuscripts


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Happy Monday loves! After reviewing all the comments and likes over the weekends, I have to say, I love you all! Sense starting this blogging challenge, the blog has doubled in posts liked and in the number of followers! You guys are honestly all great! Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook page and show your love there too 😉

Anyways, enough of that, back to the challenge at hand! Today marks day 13 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, and that means that we are on the letter “M”. As a writer and a someday hopefully published author, I of course decided to choose the word “Manuscripts.”

I’m sure we all know what a manuscript is, a written draft of a story. And I’m curious to know how many of my readers are aspiring writers like myself. Sense the beginning of  January, I’ve been working on a few different manuscripts. I can’t settle down on any specific one because I’m never good at choosing what story is more important then the others… So why not just work on them all a little bit at a time?

I’m currently working on two main stories, one being a young adult novel, the other a young adult romance novel. Both are still in the writing process, and it’s taking longer then I’d like because I like to be a stinking perfectionist and fix everything as I go… Which everyone tells me is the biggest thing that is holding me back from finally finishing one of my stories.

What about you, my readers? How many of you are writers, and are currently working on a manuscript? If you are, then what are the subjects you are currently working on? And  what are some of your tips for working on manuscripts for those of us (like myself) who find themselves stuck in the process of writing? As always, comment and share! I love hearing what you all have to say!


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Cassie Boss is a freelance writer with a passion for both reading and writing. When she isn’t hidden away enjoying a good book, she specializes in writing about celebrities and the entertainment world. In addition to writing for The Inquisitr, her work has also been featured on The Richest. When she isn’t working, Cassie enjoys not only a good book, but also working on her own fiction writing, watching too much television and snuggling with her puppies. View all posts by Cassie Boss

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