Blogging from A to Z: Day 9 – Ideal Reader

Recent, present and future reading material

Recent, present and future reading material (Photo credit: Arria Belli)

Happy Wednesday readers! Well, we’ve made it to day 9 of the event, and I have to say, I’m very proud of myself! I didn’t think I would even make it this far to be completely honest with you… So I’m excited! Day 9 means we are on the letter “I”, and I’ve picked another word that wasn’t on my list. Today I want to ask you all what an ideal reader is.

I ask this because I got into another discussion today with a few of my classmates on this very discussion today while setting up an event on campus. According to a few sites, an ideal reader can be defined as:

The imaginary audience who would, ideally, understand every phrase, word, and allusion in a literary work, and who would completly understand the literary experience an author presents, and then responds emotionally as the writer wished (

The above definition is defiantly the one we favored, just an FYI. While I believe that there really is no such thing as an idea reader, I do believe that, when writing, you have to keep an ideal reader in mind. Why do I believe this? Well honestly, if I didn’t keep an ideal reader in mind, then I wouldn’t create a piece of work worth very much. It helps me push my limits, and to keep moving forward when I really don’t think I can.

Now I know this is a short post, again working on a phone app is very difficult… But my question to you all today is this: If you could describe your ideal reader, that person that you are writing for, who would it be? I would love to know what you all think on this topic, so please comment and share!


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