Blogging from A to Z: Day 8 – Happiness

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English: Logo from the television program Happy Endings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello readers! I’m still fighting with my computer, so I regret to say today will be another short discussion post…. But a short post is better then no post at all, am I right? Well today is day 8 of the challenge, so that means our letter for the day is “H”. I really do hope that my friend who suggested my original word doesn’t hate me and my lack of a computer, because I won’t be able to look it up! I did do some basic research and let me tell ya… I was interesting!

But anyways! My chosen “easy” word of the day is “happiness.” Why have I picked this word? Well 1, it works well with yesterday’s post, and 2, I have to say happiness a topic that most people would rather not focus on.

Why do I say this? Happiness is one of those things that we tend to take for granted. It seems like people would much rather complain about everything then admit what really makes them happy. Now, I’ve tended to stray away from my more literary terms the past few day, or at least using them in conjunction with literature.

So today I want to talk about happiness in the world of literature, more like what is considered a “happy” ending. When you are reading, what sort of happy endings leave you satisfied? Are they the usual “sappy” endings? A romantic happy ending? Or is a happy ending for you, simply everything coming to a neat and tidy closing?

My original plan was to discuss some of my favorite happy endings, but then after thinking, I realized that I could have possibly spoiled the ending of some books if I followed through with that plan. I defiantly don’t want to do that. Anyway! My favorite kinda of “happy” endings are the ones where things just come to a solid ending. Sometimes the story doesn’t end in a happy way, as in traditionally, everything comes to a perfect ending where everything is as it should be. No, sometimes the story has to end, but things haven’t worked out. So what leaves me satisfied is when the story has reached a logical ending. Besides, if it hasn’t ended in a “perfect” way, that gives us the hope for a follow up story, which is very “happy” news!

Alright, now that my little rant is over, what are your opinions guys? I can’t wait to hear what you guys consider “happy” endings when it comes to the books you love!


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4 responses to “Blogging from A to Z: Day 8 – Happiness

  • Nick Wilford

    I do think things need to be tied up, even with a series, each should be able to stand alone. I’m not such a fan of perfect endings either as they’re not realistic, but it does need to be wrapped up.

    • casyb360

      The unrealistic happy, perfect endings always upset me… Though sometimes happy endings can and do exist, I do believe that they are better when they are realistic 🙂

  • Trisha

    In my opinion, an ending can be happy even if it’s not particularly sappy. Hey, that rhymed…sorta! 😉 I’ve read a fair few endings that were happy in a way but not really conclusive in the way I would have liked. And yet I still liked the endings. I guess they can leave things open to interpretation for the reader.

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