Blogging From A to Z: Day 4 – Deicide

greek god

greek god (Photo credit: giopuo)

Alrighty readers! I know it seems like I have a sort of pattern developing when it comes to my A to Z posts, what with my alternating between creative posts and discussion posts. But let me warn you, this isn’t a set pattern! I’m just sort of going with the flow with this challenge!

Okay, so down to business. Today is day 4 so that means the theme is the letter D. And I had this term brought up to me by a fellow writer of mine, “deicide.” This writer friend of mine didn’t give me his opinion as of yet of the term, but I’m sure he will after he reads this post! I myself haven’t had a lot of experience with this term in my actual writing, but I have in my many English classes throughout my College career.  So what did I do? I’m sure you can guess! I decided to bring it up for discussion to a few of my classmates last night while casually working on some assignments.

After doing a quick word search online, we came up with the simple definition that “deicide” loosely means “the death of a god.” Now the definition itself can be tweaked in a number of ways depending on where you are looking and even what religions/groups are defining it, but that’s what we settled on.

In my discussions with my classmates, we talked about all sorts of area in literature that contains “gods” or god-like figures. The discussion ranged from Green and Roman Mythology, to today’s more recent stories with their variety of god-like figures. Many of us are more contemporary romance fanatics, so we don’t really venture out into the stories that one would believed dealt with the subject of gods and what now.

Now, the point of this blog is to ask my readers a question: where have you seen an example of “deicide” or “the death of a god” in your reading or writing? In the typical genres that I read, I haven’t come across it myself, so I’m curious as to what sort of genres may contain this sort of topic. Examples are always cool too! Who knows, maybe I’ll pick one up for myself and check out what it’s all about!


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