Blogging From A to Z: Day 3 – Carnaval


Mask (Photo credit: poropitia outside the box)

The school had talked nothing but the Carnaval event for months now, and sense it was finally the evening of the event, Logan couldn’t wait. She had all her plans set, and she was excited that the school had decided to go with a masquerade themed dance instead  of a goofy carnival themed one.

With a bright smile on her face, Logan raced to the crowd that was now slowly entering into the Grand Ballroom. She was very excited to finally have a chance to wear her favorite tan, semi-formal dress that she had picked out this last summer before returning to the Academy. With her hair up in a tight pony-tail and lightly dressed with a few shiny pieces of silver jewelry, the girl finally made it to the open doors of the Ballroom. She smiled and waved as she passed the headmaster and a select few other teachers and Staff members.

Once inside, her face lite up even more as she looked around at the golden room decked out in all kinds of beautiful decorations and live flowers all over the place. The colors were extravagant, all bright and fun to keep with the theme, much like the colors of mardi grais  There were some people finding tables to site at with their friends, some people already making their way to the dance floor, and yes there were quite a few others that just stood around in awe of the decorations. “It’s all so beautiful!” she said quietly to herself as she continued to make her way further into the room. She wasn’t expecting much from the evening, all she wanted was to have a little fun.


A couple hours had passed, and Logan was having the time of her life dancing with her few close friends, all clad in fancy fun dresses and their cute masquerade masks. It wasn’t too difficult to figure out who was who in the crowd considering everyone had been too excited to keep much to themselves in the way of planning their costumes. The festival style music was fun enough, but everyone got excited when the DJ started playing some more normal music. When Logan’s favorite song came on, she let herself get lost in the music. She didn’t even notice when someone came up alongside her, that is until they took her hand and began dancing with her.

The person was dressed head to toe in black; suit, mask, hell even his hair was black. The tempo of the song soon changed from a faced paced one to a more slow pace, and Logan suddenly found herself feeling a warm blush cross her face.

“A nice song like this, deserves a nice partner to dance with. Don’t you agree?” the mystery man said. Logan wasn’t quite sure how to respond at first, so she simply took a calming breath and smiled up to him.

“I would agree,” she began, then gave him a skeptical look, her small smile still on her face as she continued, “But how do I know you are a nice partner?”

She couldn’t help but grin a little when the mystery man laughed quietly and continued to lead them around the dance floor. He was very elegant on his feet, which sort of threw her off considering this was a simple school dance, not some fancy ballroom type dance. But as she waited for his response, she didn’t much care.

“Well now, you’ll just have to trust me won’t you?” he commented back with a stunning grin of his own. Logan felt her cheeks warm once more as she thoughts up her response. She felt a little strange because she couldn’t place who this boy was, and yet she felt like she could, in fact, trust him. Should a man, as mysterious as he seems, be considered one to be trusted? Granted… they were only dancing, but given the fact that he was asking for her trust and she didn’t even know who he was, she felt she should have been a little more cautious. And yet, she wasn’t.

End Scene

Yes my dear readers, I know I ended that scene short, and it was done purposely! Writing this one out has me thinking a little more on some of my full stories, so I feel like ending this one here is a good little teaser. Keep reading and you may see more of Logan and her mysterious man! For those of you who don’t know what carnavals are, there are actually a few different definitions of it, but this is the one that I based my little scene off of!

“a period of public revelry at a regular time each year, typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade”


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