2013 – A Year of Changes

Happy Tuesday readers! I do hope everyone is getting some good reading and writing accomplished. Sadly, I’ve been on a reading and writing hiatus sense I finished “The Samantha Project” in preparation for the promotional giveaway I took part in. I’ve also been super busy (and will be most of this week) with school, my internship and work, and now that I’m on my spring break, I’ve been occupied with preparing for my final move back home after gradation in 7 weeks (yes… I can’t believe it’s that soon either!) I’ll finally have my English and Professional Writing Degree in hand!

With only 7 weeks left, things may be getting really hectic, so much so that my blog and social media may be lacking in activity, but never fear! I am always lurking to see what kinds of information that I may be able to share with you or even with book reviews or other promotional events! I have two book reviews already planned and I am going to be (attempting) to participate in the 2013 April A to Z Blogging Challenge! So dn’t worry, I’ll be around if you will be 😉

Some exciting things will be coming up for the blog and Facebook page! And of course, there will be some exciting stuff happening with me in the non-social media and reading world. I have been working on my story idea, though I’m not sharing details on that one just yet, cause yes, its my baby and I’m not ready to share it yet! But with graduation only 7ish weeks from now, and the big move back up to the more northern part of the state, I’ll be on the hunt for jobs, and all kinds of other things! I don’t know about my readers, but these different things are all scary and exciting all in one! Keep reading along, and I’ll be sure to keep updating!

Anyone else excited for some new changes coming up in  your near future? Feel free to share in the comments, or on the Facebook or Twitter!


About Cassie Boss

Cassie Boss is a freelance writer with a passion for both reading and writing. When she isn’t hidden away enjoying a good book, she specializes in writing about celebrities and the entertainment world. In addition to writing for The Inquisitr, her work has also been featured on The Richest. When she isn’t working, Cassie enjoys not only a good book, but also working on her own fiction writing, watching too much television and snuggling with her puppies. View all posts by Cassie Boss

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