The Samantha Project (Book 1, The Samantha Project series) by Stephanie Karpinske Review and Giveaway Event!

Samantha ProjectTitle: The Samantha Project (Book 1, The Samantha Project series)

Author: Stephanie Karpinske

Release date: November 15, 2012

Genre: science fiction romance thriller

Age Group: YA

Publisher: Crazy Dream Publishing, LLC

Seventeen-year-old Samantha Andrews has a seemingly perfect life; great parents, early admission to Stanford, and a boyfriend who just happens to be the hottest guy in school. But a dark secret from her past turns her world upside down. Sam discovers she’s part of a global corporation’s genetic enhancement project. And just as she’s learning what these enhanced genes can do, the corporation decides they want her, and the technology inside her, back!

During a heart-pounding race to flee from her pursuers, she encounters another person who was part of the experimental project. He’s tall, blond, tan and completely irresistible! And he can read her thoughts!! Together, they’re both in danger and a rogue scientist discovers yet another secret lies inside them.

So I know it’s been a little while sense my last review, but I have to say! I’ve been crazy busy, reading a few pretty great books, this one included! What do I rate this book? A solid 3 ½ out of 5 stars. Now, some might see this rating as poor or even mediocre, but don’t make that mistake with me! I took a huge leap of faith with this book and went completely outside my comfort zone. Science fiction romance is defiantly not my type of book, but I have to say, Stephanie Karpinske did a great job with this one!

The story starts off with a rather bland, average “perfect” girl. She’s pretty, smart, laid back, and has great friends and an amazing relationship with her parents. Would I have started a story like that? No, not really, but Karpinske starts throwing in some major curve balls to readers really fast! With one major even after another, readers get lost in all the events that go down. If you want a summary, just reread the above! Because it was a little out of my comfort zone, the story did progress a little slow in the beginning for me, and that was the main reason for the docked points. It was hard to get into, but once the action really picked up, the ball really got rolling! For something I thought I wouldn’t be into, this was truly one heck of a read!

Now for the even bigger news! This blog is taking part in a giveaway event for this book! You must get your entries in by the 6th of March and the easiest way is to like us on facebook so we can contact you if you do win! The copy of the book will either be a mobi or epub format, and if you do win I’ll need your email so we can send you your winnings!

Check out the facebook page for more information here: The Samantha Project Giveaway Event

About the Author

A former editor for a publishing company, Stephanie has worked on several bestselling nonfiction books. Now she freelances full-time, writing for a variety of books and national magazines. She recently entered into the world of fiction with her young adult series, The Samantha Project.

In addition to being a writer, Stephanie is also a dietitian with a MS from Tufts University and an MBA from the University of Iowa. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, cooking, running, or watching movies. A true Midwest girl, Stephanie was raised in Nebraska and now lives in Iowa.


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