Inspired by “Crying On A Suitcase” by Casey James

Admit it boy you blew it, you really messed it up
You can make excuses if you really want to lose her
It’s all on the line, do or die time
Getting on your knees time

Tell her that you want her, need her, love her, gotta have her
Everything good in your life begins and ends with her
Lose your pride while you can
Come on man be a man ~ Crying on A Suitcase by Casey James

I could only stand there and watch as she gathered her stuff and threw it into a bag. It was a heated and yet mind numbing moment, just standing and watching a she rushed around until she finally looked up to me, her tear-stained face an image that simply burned itself into my mind. Her lips parted for a moment; as if she were about to say something, then simply closed again as she turned away, her shoulders sagging in defeat.


A few days had passed, and they had been the most agonizing days of my entire life. I hadn’t heard from **** once sense she had packed her little bag and left. Part of me sort of figured he would of at least let me know that she would have let me know when she had arrived safely to where ever it was that she had been going to; but honestly, he was an idiot for letting himself believe that.

The argument was already a thing of the past at this point, and it wasn’t even important. But **** was starting to get a little anxious now. Sure, they had had their share of arguments, but it had been a long time sense they had had an argument that sent her packing to some friends place. And even then, it had only been for a day or so… It had been a week or so sense he had last heard from ****.

Finally, **** decided to put on his big boy pants and try to get ahold of ****. She always had caved before him, so he knew he had seriously fucked up this time… And after about an hour of texting and calling ****’s phone with no response only confirmed his fears. She was either seriously pissed off or really hurt…. Or both, and he instantly began to regret everything he had last said to her e hadn’t meant to tell her off or to tell her that she was seriously fucked in the head.

**** knew there were a few different places where **** may be hiding out at. What had him worried was the fact that when **** didn’t want to be found, she was able to make herself completely disappear. The more that he thought about the entire situation, the more he freaked out. Without another thought, he grabbed his keys and ran to the car, quickly reversing it and pulling it out into the streets.


IT only took a few hours, much less then he had expected, to find her. **** couldn’t have been more relieved once he saw her camped out under the Pier. She loved the beach, and he felt a little stupid for not coming here first. After parking his car, he quietly mad his was over to her, not wanting her to notice him just yet, in fear that she might take off again.

He approached her from behind, thanking god that sand made little noise. He was able to sit down next to **** before she realized who was actually sitting down. Once she had realized, she could only glare at him with disgust. After a moment, she finally moved to get up, but **** gripped her wrist, not letting go until she gave in and sat back in the sand beside him. The silence drew on, neither of them wanting to be the first to apologize.

**** knew he had come here to apologize, but he still seemed to be choking on his words. **** refused to even look at him, and even though he knew he deserved it, her cold shoulder was breaking his heart. He wanted to say something, but he just… couldn’t.

“You’re an asshole,” she simply stated as she turned her death glare from him to the water front. He didn’t mean to crack a smile, but he did. “It’s not funny” she bluntly stated; the anger and hurt more than noticeable.

“I know….” was all he could come up with. What was so difficult about saying ‘I’m sorry’? He knew he had to, but it wasn’t as easy as he had thought.

“If you have nothing to say, then I’m leaving” **** said, her annoyance level climbing quickly as she moved to get up again. **** grabbed her hand this time, holding for dear life.

“Please….” He finally whispered as he looked down to his hand on hers. He didn’t want to see her disappointment again. After a few moments of silence, **** felt a little relieved that she hadn’t moved to leave again. “Look…” he began, not even sure where to start. “****, I’m really sorry…” he continued, though he really had no clue where to go from there.

“You’re sorry…?” she replied, a tone in her voice that **** couldn’t quite place. “You blatantly point out how fucked up I am and all you can say is you’re sorry?”

Her cold words slit through him like dull knives. She was right… A simple sorry wasn’t going to make everything magically better. Honestly, what words could make this whole situation better? With a small sigh, **** buried his head in his hands. What was he supposed to say? What could he possibly do to make this better?

“Look, if you’re done, I’m sure I can find something better to do,” She said as she moved to get up again, but this time **** did the only thing he could think of. He threw his arms around her, both of them tumbling into the sand as his lips found hers. He was expecting some form of resistance from ****, but as the seconds passed, her lips and her body melted into his, allowing him to put all his passion into this one moment. A few moments passed before **** finally pulled his head back to look down at ****. When he choked on his words again, a smirk finally graced her lips. “I get it…. You’re sorry…” she whispered.

A wave of relief washed over **** as he looked down at the beautiful creature beneath him. He had so much to do in order to make up for how badly he had fucked up, but he knew that he would do anything for this girl. He wasn’t going to just give up on her; no, **** was his life, his…. everything, and as he leaned back into her to shower her with the love she deserved, he knew that she was his everything.

***To Be Continued***

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