“Sometimes Never” by Cheryl McIntyre

“This is the part I hate the most. That moment it sinks in that I’ve sliced myself open. When the rush and release are over and I’m left with the knowledge of just how fucked up I am.”

“Sometimes Never,” written by Cheryl McIntyre, is one of those stories that I instantly fell in love with because it isn’t afraid to “go there.” My faithful readers know that I can’t resist a good novel, and author that approaches the taboo topics of today’s day and age. Cheryl has done just that! She is able to take two seriously “messed up” kids and turn them into an inspiration!

This book is an outstanding 5 out of 5! Beautifully written, and very relatable to many late teens and young adults. With topics such as self harm and the lose of a parent in a time when most teens need them the most, the stories of Mason and Hope are both very twisted and very heartbreaking, but again, both inspiring. Mason falls in love with the girl with the rainbow hair and bad ass attitude, and Hope finally feels as if she’s found a guy that she can trust with her dark and “fucked up” secrets.

Readers watch as Mason struggles to help Hope with her battle against low self esteem and the resulting self harm, and at the same time, we see Hope struggle with her self proclaimed addiction to self harm and of course with allowing herself to open up to someone besides her best friend and cousin Guy. What makes this story so different from the other stories that people toss away and label “emo”? This story doesn’t drag out the issues at hand. Yes, readers find out what each of the characters are struggling with, and how, but it isn’t dragged out and over embellished. The characters don’t act the way they do simply because they want the attention, but because they are struggling with themselves and Cheryl does an amazing job with opening these two characters to her audience

We want to get to know Mason and Hope, we want the loving, passionate and supporting relationship that they have, we want to find the strength to fight through out own struggles as we watch them do.

“I never thought I could love someone so much, but sometimes never is a distorted perception, because I continuously find myself falling deeper in love with her every day.”

Cheryl McIntyre does a phenomenal job at creating a work that represents what is a reality to many young adults in today’s day and age. She also does an amazing job at providing a sense of hope to her readers through the use of her characters. Even her side characters represent someone, as in someone will relate to them. This isn’t a story for a certain clique, no, it’s a story that many can and will relate to, and I hope people will fall just as in love with this book as I have!

Cheryl, you did an amazing job! I am looking forward to reading more of your work!


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