Hey readers!

Today’s update is just another short one! My topic today is the big interest in social media and of course, networking. It would seem that in today’s day and age, it feels like we can’t get anywhere in the “real world” without having a secure network of people who know who you are, what you are about and share the same interests as you. One way people are managing to do this is through the use of social media.

I’ve been jumping into the great pool of social media lately, so I finally made the decision to create a Facebook fan page. Yes, this is a plug to check out my new page for this Blog! Click here to check it out and while you are there, give it a like for me, wontcha 😉

But my other reason for talking about this is because I think it’s defiantly a subject that is really taking off and is becoming more important then most people believe. I know I didn’t really think it was all that big of a deal until I started my studies in Professional/Technical writing just a few shorts year ago!

Social media has become a big part in networking, for me especially. It all opens up the possiblity of connecting with people who you may never have had the chance to before! And sometimes its those connections that can become the most beneficial for you! Sense I’ve started using social media as a way of networking with people, I’ve come across many people who have been teaching me a lot in the areas of writing, editing and publishing.

So I guess my question to you all is this: What does social media mean to you? Does it play a big part in your studies, job, or just in your daily lives? Tell me what you think! I’m very interested to see what you all have to say!


About Cassie Boss

Cassie Boss is a freelance writer with a passion for both reading and writing. When she isn’t hidden away enjoying a good book, she specializes in writing about celebrities and the entertainment world. In addition to writing for The Inquisitr, her work has also been featured on The Richest. When she isn’t working, Cassie enjoys not only a good book, but also working on her own fiction writing, watching too much television and snuggling with her puppies. View all posts by Cassie Boss

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