Inspired by “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson

“Catch My Breath…” By Kelly Clarkson

A deep breath in, and let it go. I repeat this process a few more times until I’ve finally calmed down. I didn’t think that such trivial thing like this would bother me so much. She had been my best friend fr so long, you would that by now she would be able to tell when she was pissing me off, but then again, I should know better by now too. She was too self-centered to really give a crap for anyone else.

I had a lot on my mind these past few days, we were both stressing out which was totally understandable considering graduation was approaching us, and at a much faster rate then we were comfortable with might I add. **** was busy freaking out about her graduate school applications while I was busy freaking out about finding a job and starting my life over again, this time as an ‘adult.’

What is the big deal about being an adult anyways? All it seems to be is a ton of anxiety and pressure and a trillion other things that I just don’t want to deal with at the moment Just thinking about all this now, I can feel the heat in my face begin to rise and I instantly run towards the bathroom. After a few more moments of deep breathing and the occasional splash of cold water on my face, i feel like I’m stable enough to start my day.


Once I’ve gotten my day started, the anxieties from this morning have been pushed to the very back of my mind. I do have to admit, I love the busy work that runs my current 9-5, three day a week work like. Granted, it’s an unpaid internship as part of my final graduation requirement, but still, it kept me busy and out of trouble. My fancy intern title is the Professional Writing and Social Media Marketing Intern; but what it all boils down to is that I spend hours on top of hours on Facebook, twitter and the companies blog. Yes, I do other things like creating the occasional newsletter and some light editing, but most of my day is spent online. Now who can really complain about that?

It was only about Noon when one of my favorite interns in the office comes and pokes me obnoxiously on the shoulder a few times. I remove my eyes from my many tweets and turn to look up to ****. Hes got his goofy monkey grin on his face and hands me  while chocolate caramel cappuccino.

“My hero!” I squeal as I take the warm styrofoam cup from him.

“It wouldn’t be right of me not to bring the Princess her daily offering,” he replies with a wink as he pulls out the chair next to me.

“I don’t know about Princess, but I’ll take the offering.”

The office Princess was an annoying little analogy that **** had come up with when we first started working here earlier this semester. The only reason being that it had been the first time he had seen me dressed in what was considered ‘professional’ attire. In the three and a half years that **** and I have known each other, he had only seen me in one of two types of outfits: one being my nice yet casually flirty style and the other being the traditional college choice of a hoodie and sweat pants.

“So are we doing lunch soon?” he asks as he boots up the computer next o me. **** is the official Marketing intern in the office, so he spends just as much tie on the computers as I do.

“When do we not do lunch?” I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes at him.

“No… You see, the question was more like ‘When are we going.’ I’m starving!” he groans, fidgeting with his monkey tie.

“Honestly?” I say, only a little shocked, “You have only been here for what.. maybe a few hours, how are you hungry already?” It was a dumb question, and I knew it, but I seemed to be running on autopilot and just spitting everything out of my mouth that came to my mind.

“Come on now ****! I’m a growing boy! I need me my nutrition”

A small laugh passes over my lips as I listen to him ramble on. He may be 22 years old, but he had the appetite of a five year old, and most of the time, the attitude to match. This is only one of the many reasons why I love ****, he can always bring a smile to my face.

***To Be Continued***

Alright guys! This is where you share your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to critique anything and everything! Either leave a comment here, or find me on my Facebook/Twitter pages! And remember, there is more to come of this little story!


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